The "Basic Horse Training" Series (Created to Compliment Correct Bitting from the "Bitting Your Horse" Series)

Discover the ABCs You Must Know and Teach Your Horse

Hey, Gav Chaplin here.

Picture this...

You and your horse. A nice Sunday afternoon with you in the saddle, in THAT  place you love to ride (whether it be on an out ride or in a sporting arena)...

And you look down, and this is what you have underneath you...

A horse that is quiet, patient and attentive. It reacts to the lightest of pressures, collects itself and stops to your strong legs and a gentle touch on the reins.

It yields, rolls-back, pirouettes and does everything you ask it to do.

And if it's out on the trail (or an outride) and it gets a fright, you're not worried it's going to run off with you -- because you're completely confident it will listen to your commands.

When you go into your sporting environment... you know it's going to perform at it's best, as it's comfortable in the right bit, medically sound, and knows how to perform all the maneuvers needed...

Want that? Yeah, that's what I want from every horse as well.

And it all starts with the basic ABCs of in-saddle horse training that you will find below...

The "Basic Horse Training" Series:

I first created this training as a bonus to the "Bitting Your Horse" series, and people loved it...

"The Training Series videos have probably been even more useful to me.

I'm not a particularly good rider but the way Gav explains & demonstrates the techniques in such an easy to understand way has helped me to improve my riding so much in a short time."

- Robert Hoe (United Kingdom)

But so many people (who were happy with their Bitting and didn't want the Bitting series), reached out and asked if I could make this series available on it's own.

And that's just what I've done.

And the really GREAT thing is...

You can check it out completely FREE if you so choose.

The easy to learn training methods you'll find in here will make fast work of helping you get your horse highly responsive to the bit, and to all your commands...

It will enable you to use lighter hands and will help your horse be the best she can be!

Correct Bitting and Training go hand-in-hand. And with the right bit and the right training... you will have a responsive and soft horse.

And quite honestly, unless you teach your horse the appropriate lessons, you will never truly find the correct bit - as you will often be fighting a schooling issue, and not a bitting issue.

So Here's What's Inside:

  • Firstly - another 2 excellent examples of correct bitting. Both horses that feature in this bonus were incorrectly bitted and needed changing!
  • Then - a set of 9 easy-to-understand (yet comprehensive) training lessons on taking your horse from fighting the bit and your commands, to being appropriately responsive.
  • You'll also get to understand your objectives to training your horse.
  • And the lessons to teach it, step-by-step...
You'll Learn how to Teach Your Horse The Following Lessons & Maneuvours:
  • Learn the importance of, and the how-to of, teaching a horse to back up and flex to a light touch
  • And then - how to teach leg yielding to get your horse really "soft to the bit," come off your leg aids, and work from the backend
  • How to get your horse to strike off on both leads
  • The roll-back
  • Then to blending lessons - with lateral work, half circles, pirouettes and strike off
  • Plus the understanding of and example showing that every horse is different - and that you need to approach each horse individually
  • And SO much more!!!

In each lesson, I visually take you through each step you need to be doing...

You'll get to see how a real student can learn these techniques, and accomplish these lessons and goals (the videos feature both myself and a student riding)...

I'll show you what mistakes to avoid...

And the results that you can achieve by following the exact steps, that I use to train my horses!

All the above just touches the surface of what you'll learn and be able to teach your horse...

But don't just take my word for it...

Here's What Others Have Said About The Series:

Your instruction is excellent.... Already put it to work with Tremendous Results...

"Gavin, I have thoroughly enjoyed this special set of videos. I have ridden for decades and always wondered how i could "condition" the horse better so she is more responsive and capable.

Your instruction is excellent. I have already put it to work with tremendous results. Almost as if my horse is saying "Oh, THAT's what you've been asking all this time. Sure. Here you go!"

-  Michael Denby


Very interesting and helpful - thank you! My discipline of choice is dressage...

"Hi Gav. Very interesting and helpful - thank you! My discipline of choice is dressage, and I really like the way you've got these horses working form the hind quarters. This is something that I battle with all the time with nearly every horse I come across."

- Candice Cooper


Once I had sorted out the bitting for my mare...

"I was having a nightmare with one of my mares... resisting the bit, throwing her head, not checking for me etc. After watching the BYH series of videos I was able to better equip myself to determine what mouthpiece and cheekpiece would remove the stress that my mare was showing. These videos are a fantastic resource for all riders who want to make their horses more comfortable, and also if you're keen to learn more about bitting in general.

Once I had sorted out the bitting for my mare, Gav's bonus training video's helped me with the schooling and my general approach to training my horses."

- Mark Greig (Australia)


Another awesome series...

"Another awesome series of videos Gav. So easy to understand & I'm learning so much, thanks!"

- Robert Hoe

Want to get access to this series yourself? Well you can do just that right now, COMPLETELY Risk-Free...

Here's What to do Now...

To make use of this Time-Sensitive Offer...

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This is how it works: Purchase the course. Get Access. And over the next 60 days watch through all the lessons... And if for ANY reason, you decide it's not for you - Simply contact us for a full and prompt refund. No questions asked and no hassles.

Why would I do this? Simple... as with all our products, I am THAT CONFIDENT in the absolute VALUE that you are going to get from this series, that I am happy to shoulder the RISK for you.

You don't even need to give me a reason. I will trust you to do the right thing, as I have trusted people over all my years of coaching.

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Whichever Payment Plan you choose, you are in for absolute mind-blowing experience and journey...

You will soon be well on your way to learning the ABCs of in-saddle training to get your horse responsive to your aids and the bit, using it's hind-quarters correctly, and performing a whole range of maneuvers -- all in one place.

See you on the other side!

Best regards,
Gavin Chaplin :-)


P.S. Please remember that I can only offer this special discount with all the bonuses to you for a very short time... So don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn how to get your horse attentive, soft in the bit, and performing - at a ridiculously low price.

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No hard feelings. That's how confident we are that you're going to love this series. 

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