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At the moment we only have one product live, which is the...

But have Multiple Products that we will be launching in the upcoming months, including:

  • Panic-Free Horse Training eBook
  • Panic-Free Horse Training Masterclass
  • Polo Basics
  • Polo Tactics: The Anticipation Series - Part 1
  • Plus more....
And here's what people have been saying about the "Bitting Your Horse" series already:

"I never thought twice about buying the Bitting Your Horse course. It was an eye opener, a wealth of knowledge which was so cheap compared to what we get. Gav & Bomber are a living encyclopedia."

Baba (Muhammad M)

"I was having a nightmare with one of my mares... resisting the bit, throwing her head, not checking for me etc. But after watching the BYH series of videos I was able to better determine what mouthpiece and cheekpiece would remove the stress that my mare was showing. These videos are a fantastic resource for all riders who want to make their horses more comfortable, and also if you're keen to learn more about bitting in general."

Mark Greig

"You know what I enjoy about this series, it helps me to understand how different bits will affect the horse, making me more confident to experiment with bits."

Estelle Schmidt

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