"Learn How to Bit Your Horse Correctly Without Having to Buy and Try 100 Different Bits"

"Empowering you with the confidence and knowledge to achieve a comfortable, happy and responsive horse in the right bit…
So that you can actually enjoy your riding and compete better.”


I’m Gavin Chaplin.

If you’re like many of my friends and clients, you may be frustrated in your search for the right bit to make your horse/s responsive to your commands - but still comfortable and happy.

Or like many of them, you may just have no clue at all, at where to start.

That’s okay. Most of us were like that at one point.

So do you have a horse that:

  • Shakes it's head?
  • Throw's it's head high?
  • Bites down on to the bit?
  • Doesn't stop as well as you would like?
  • Or simply just does not respond to the bit at all?


I've Got the Perfect Solution to Help You Out With This...

Over the years I've had the privilege of working with world-renown Bitting Expert and Bit Designer, Bomber Nel, who is one of the most innovative and well-respected experts globally.

And with his help I embarked on a mission to create a video course that provides the solution for you, to this very problem.

And the result...

The Bitting Your Horse Series

"Get everything you need to know to educate and empower yourself to bit your horse/s better."

The BYH series is a complete course with over 60 video lessons (plus additional bonuses) that will enable you to have a happier, more comfortable and more responsive horse in the bit - that competes and performs better!

Helping you enjoy your riding more - and accomplish more with your horse.

The great thing is...

You Need No Prior Experience or Knowledge with Bitting...

No matter what your background or knowledge is, the information contained in these lessons will equip you to bit your horse correctly, "yourself."

You will find that the process of bitting your horse will become so much simpler and quicker to do, and it will give you the confidence you need to do it yourself...

Saving you both time and money!

Take a peak at what other horse riders and owners have been saying about the BYH series….

What People Have Been Saying:

"I was having a nightmare with one of my mares... resisting the bit, throwing her head, not checking for me etc. But after watching the BYH series of videos I was able to better determine what mouthpiece and cheekpiece would remove the stress that my mare was showing. These videos are a fantastic resource for all riders who want to make their horses more comfortable, and also if you're keen to learn more about bitting in general."

Mark Greig

"You know what I enjoy about this series, it helps me to understand how different bits will affect the horse, making me more confident to experiment with bits."

Estelle Schmidt

"Excellent course Gav. I hope it will become the definitive Bitting word. Well done."

Anthony Gross

"Excellent! I'm looking forward to getting the Buster Roller gag for my mare, I think she'll like it and be more comfortable and better than ever!"

Laura Petrie

"I never thought twice about buying the Bitting Your Horse course. It was an eye opener, a wealth of knowledge which was so cheap compared to what we get. Gav & Bomber are a living encyclopedia."

Baba (Muhammad M)

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Bits and Bitting

Regardless of whether you're a showjumper, dressage rider, polo player, or from any other riding background; you will get complete value out of the Bitting Your Horse Series.

It's an easy to understand, yet exceptionally detailed set of lessons that are practical and applicable... 

Providing you with information that you can actually use.

It'll have you helping your friends with their bitting issues - and you’ll start feeling that incredible sense of accomplishment when you are able to bit your horse correctly.

Here's a Sample of What You're Going to Learn Inside:

Get Access to One of The Most Innovative Brains on Bitting

The Bitting Your Horse series features the full interview with Bitting Experts, Bomber Nel and Claire Lund, and is one of the reasons why it is such a powerful course.

With over 30 years of Bitting experience, Bomber has applied his passion for horses into the study of bits and their effect on the horse, according to the rider’s need.

It's been an incredible journey for him and he began to realize early on that the subject of bitting is vast and intricate...

What Sets Him Apart...

And what has made him so ahead of everyone else is that he has taken the time to speak to different experts from different equine backgrounds, such as:

  • Other bit manufacturers,
  • Vets,
  • Farriers,
  • Equine Dentists,
  • As well as professionals in various equestrian disciplines like show jumping, dressage, eventing, carriage driving, polo and polocrosse, etc.

And from these conversations he has developed his philosophy. Plus new ideas, which he has then gone on and tested with the help of those professionals.

And Now You Can Learn From His Experience...

Remember, there are 2 ways of learning...

  1. Through your own experience
  2. Or through someone else's experience...

Both are important, but the quickest way to get up to speed is through utilizing someone else's experience.

It essentially helps you short-cut that laborious trial and error learning process, and gets you equipped and up to speed, fast!

By getting access to Bomber's (and Claire's) knowledge and experience you can short-cut that process and enable yourself to bit your horse appropriately, faster.

So What's Inside The BYH Course?

Before we dive into the meat of what you will learn, here is quick overview of the Modules in the series...

1) Introduction, Philosophy & Important Basics

2) Bit Types: Snaffles, Gags, & Pelhams

3) Other Bit Types

Double bridles, Kimberwick, Tom Thumb, Western, Swales, etc

4) Bits for Overcoming Specific Problems

5) Important, General Must-Know Info

6) Hackamores

Bonus #1: Practical Examples & Applications

Plus 2 More Bonuses

More on these further down!

So What Will You Actually Learn?

"Everything you need to know!"

As I said earlier it’s a comprehensive series with over 60 video lessons, plus the additional bonuses (more on these further down).

When you watch through this series you’re not going to miss out on anything important. You’re going to get all the information you need to empower you to bit your horse effectively.

You’ll learn:

  • What all the bits do,
  • What signs the horse is showing you,
  • How the different bits will affect a horse differently...
  • Enabling you to assess quickly as to what bits to try with a horse,
  • And to decide on what is the right bit for your horse.

You will learn the action of the bits...

And how these actions translate to your horse.

Whenever I assess a horse for bitting I am able to quickly decide on what bits to try with the horse, because I know what all the different bits do.

I'm able to match the right bits to the horse, due to what the horse is "showing me."

Once you learn how to assess a horse (which is something you will also learn from the series), you then need to know what ALL the different bits do so that you can match the right bit to the horse...

Let's break that down...

You will learn:

  • what bits apply greater bar pressure
  • what bits apply greater tongue pressure
  • what bits relieve tongue pressure
  • what bits relieve bar pressure
  • what bits relieve both
  • what bits are better suited for horse's with small mouths
  • what bits help lift a horse's head up
  • what bits will help tuck a horse's nose down
  • which bits are good for starting young horses
  • what you should avoid
  • when to use a gag and when to use a Pelham
  • how to use a curb chain correctly and what your options are (yes, there are different options)
  • Plus, so much more!

Essentially you will become adequately equipped and empowered with the knowledge of how bits work and how they translate to your horse.

You'll Learn the Basic Fundamentals and Philosophies of Bitting

Those all important basics that set the foundations...

And will empower you to understand what’s going on with your horse and its bit. Equipping you to better choose the right bit/s to try your horse in.

Learn the Physiology of a Horse’s Mouth and Jaw…

And how the actions of the bits affect the horse because of this physiology.

This is important knowledge. More than you would realize.

By understanding what’s going on inside the horse’s mouth and how the mouth is made up - you will better understand how a bit works inside the mouth - helping you better assess what bits your horse would show preference to.

"Once again leading you to the correct bit for your horse, faster.
Saving you time, money and stress."

Learn to Recognize What the Horse is Telling You

To match the right bit to your horse, you need to know how to assess your horse's bitting needs and preferences.

You will learn:

  • what makes a horse throws it’s head high
  • why it tucks it’s nose down and becomes “behind the bit”,
  • why it shakes it’s head,
  • Or why it puts it's tongue over the bit, and more...

"You will learn how to recognize when a horse is uncomfortable in its bit, or when the bit is too strong - or when it’s not a bitting problem at all, but an actual training problem."

Get in Depth Detail and Info on All the Different Bit Types

Including Snaffles, Gags, Pelhams, the Kimberwick, Double Bridles, Tom Thumb, Swales, Hackamores and more.

Bomber and I go to great lengths to make sure that you get all the info you need, on the different bits.

No matter your riding discipline, combine this info with the fundamental knowledge you’ll learn in the first module - and you’ll be ready to bit your horse correctly.

You'll Learn How to Overcome Specific Problems

  • Got a horse that shakes its head?
  • Or one that grabs the Bit?
  • Or gets it's tongue over the bit?
  • Or what about a jaw crosser?

Well, you'll get all the answers to solve these problems - so that you don't have to fight with your horse.

BONUS #1: Practical Applications and Examples 

All this theory means nothing if you are unable to apply it and use it yourself.

And that's what this bonus is for!!...

  • It gives you detailed examples of the effects that different bits have on an individual horse,
  • and practical applications of the process to finding the right bit.

...Where you will actually get to see the theory in action.

"This visually validates what’s been taught in the series, and you can now have confidence in that what you’ve learned, can actually be applied - and that you will be able to do it yourself.

"It will enhance the confidence you now have to try different bits, and to find the best one for your horse."

Let's Recap What You Get:


The complete 6 module, Bitting Your Horse series teaching you:

  • how bits work,
  • the actions of all the bits and how they translate to your horse,
  • how to assess what type of bit your horse will need, and what bits to try her in,
  • how to solve specific problems and the bits needed for those solutions,
  • and the basics fundamentals, philosophies, and (all) the extra must-know info of bitting.

Equipping you with all the theory and knowledge needed to bit your horse correctly - getting her happier, more comfortable and more responsive to your commands!

The Value of all this? $199.99

And Then...

The Bonus Module of live horse Examples and Practical Applications.

"The Bonus that ties it all together!"

This is where the rubber hits the road and you get to see what you learned put into action... Plus the results of correct bitting!


The Value of this Bonus? $99

That's a combined value of $298.99.

But that's Not What It's Going to Cost You Today!

 Before we get there though...


Did I Say More Bonuses?! Oh Yes...

I absolutely want you to get as much value out this series as possible, so I have 2 more incredible bonuses for you.

Bonus #2: Your Questions Answered

Quickly find answers to the questions you have (or may still have after you’ve watched the series).

Since we've launched GavSays.com many people have written in with questions about Bitting, and we thought it important to isolate and answer those questions directly... For your ease of reference.

Now you can save time by easily finding your questions and the answers to them quickly...

Helping you clarify things you may still be confused about, and deepening your bitting knowledge further - making you more equipped to bit your horse/s better.

Value of this Bonus: $99

Bonus #3: Basic Horse Training to Compliment Your Bitting

You and your horse are going to get massive value out of this bonus!

"Correct Bitting and Training go hand-in-hand."

And getting a horse in the correct bit that it is comfortable in, is not the only step needed to make your horse appropriately responsive.

Quite simply you also need to train your horse to be responsive to the bit.

And unless you teach your horse the appropriate lessons you will never truly find the correct bit - as you will often be fighting a schooling issue, and not a bitting issue.

"Once I had sorted out the bitting for my mare, Gav's bonus training video's helped me with the schooling and my general approach to training my horses. I'm now looking forward to the upcoming season as Gav's videos have really helped me prepare my horses. They are now better bitted and tuned up, ready to play tournaments."

Mark Greig

"The Training Series videos have probably been even more useful to me. I’m not a particularly good rider, but the way Gav explains & demonstrates the techniques in such an easy to understand way, has helped me to improve my riding so much in a short time."

Robert Hoe
United Kingdom

So What Will You Get Out of This Bonus?

  • Firstly - another 2 excellent examples of correct bitting. Both horses that feature in this bonus were incorrectly bitted and needed changing!
  • Then - a set of 9 easy-to-understand basic training lessons on taking your horse from fighting the bit and your commands, to being appropriately responsive.
  • You'll get to understand your objectives to training your horse.
  • You'll learn the importance of and the how-to to teach a horse to back up and flex to a light touch - to get her "off the bit."
  • And then - how to teach leg yielding to get your horse really soft to the bit.
  • Plus the roll-back and how to get your horse to strike off on both leads.
  • Then to blending lessons - with lateral work, half circles, pirouettes and strike off.
  • Plus the understanding of and example showing that every horse is different - and that you need to approach each horse individually.

Get the Best From Your Horse:

The easy to learn training methods in this bonus will help you get your horse “off the bit” and far more responsive...

Enabling you to use lighter hands and helping your horse be the best she can be!

With the right bit and the right training you will not have to coax or pull your horse around.

"She will do what you ask, when you ask, and will perform and compete to her best."

What's the Value of this Bonus: $169

Let's Recap That:

If you buy my Bitting Your Horse series today, this is what you'll get...

  • The entire Bitting Your Horse series - teaching you how bits work and equipping you with the knowledge to bit your horse correctly (Value: $199.99)
  • Bonus #1: Practical Applications & Examples - Giving you real live examples of the bitting process and showing you visually how different bits effect the same horse, remarkably differently (Value: $99)
  • Bonus #2: Your Questions Answered - an entire module dedicated to answering the most important and most common questions (Value: $99)
  • Bonus #3: Basic Training to Compliment your Bitting - An exceptionally important add-on to make sure you know how to get your horse responsive to the bit (Value: $169)

That's a total value of $566.99.

But today is your lucky day because I am not going to charge you $566.99.

You can get all that today for only $199.99..

All with a 6 month, "No Questions" asked, Money Back Guarantee...

Register Now (Risk-Free) for Only $199.99 >>>

Let’s Put That Price Into Perspective...

Firstly it's taken countless man-hours to create this series...

  • Years of research,
  • Months and months of filming, then editing, and putting all the pieces together,
  • And then just as long to re-review it, clean and polish - and make sure it's the absolute BEST program to help you bit your horse better.

It provides an incredible amount of Must-Know info that would take hours of one-on-one private lessons to teach...

A single hour private lesson would cost you over $50...

And would take many lessons to teach everything that is in this series.

"It’s cheaper for you to get all these lessons, then to take one on one training of this magnitude."

It's an exceptionally reasonable price - and you won’t have to make a huge financial sacrifice to learn what’s going on in your horse’s mouth and how to bit it better.

You will also save money in the long run...

By not having to buy loads of unnecessary bits to use as trial and error on your horse.

And a decent bit on it's own will cost you around $100.

You won’t get this type of training or bitting education for so little, anywhere else.

So how do you Register?

  • Simply follow the link below,
  • enter your details on the next page,
  • make your payment securely through PayPal -
  • and get immediate and permanent access....

Register Today For Only $199.99

Click the buy now button below to get immediate access to the Bitting your Horse series and all it's bonuses...

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The "Steal the Course"
6 Month Money Back Guarantee

You risk nothing when you purchase the Bitting Your Horse series.

If you don’t find value in the course within 6 Month you can get all your money back, no questions asked.

Which means that you can watch the entire series and if it’s not for you, just ask for your money back. No risk, no hassles.

We're THAT Confident in The Value You're Going to Get Out!

Only a team that is confident in its product would provide a no questions asked money-back guarantee - so it must be everything we say it is.

If it wasn’t we wouldn’t be foolish enough to offer any type of guarantee.

Quite simply, your decision to buy this series is completely risk-free. And you won’t be any worse off if you buy it and watch the whole series, and then ask for your money back.

Register Now Risk-Free >>>

You Will Also Get:

Immediate Access

The course is immediately accessible. Simply log in and stream the lessons.

This means you don’t have to wait for a dvd or book to be shipped to you, and you can start learning and implementing the knowledge today.

"Helping you make a difference to your horse sooner."

Permanent, Forever Access

Access the series (info) whenever you need it, forever.

Purchasing the Bitting Your Horse series is a once off transaction and you will forever have access to the course.

Which means you don’t need to learn this all off by heart. And you can always come back to the series to find the solution to a problem if and when it arises with your horse.

Bitting (and all horse care and training) is an immense subject with so much info, that you will not remember it all off by heart.... But you will always be able to come back and find the right info when you need it.

"Next year you have a new horse with a different bitting need???… No worries, re-watch the series and get the appropriate info for that horse."

AND -  You Can “Take it With You”

Access the information from anywhere in the world

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection - and you can login and get the info you need to bit the horse/s you are riding.

Essentially, you can travel with this “knowledge” readily on-hand to solve any bitting problem wherever you may find it.

"Away from home and come across a bitting issue???... No worries, simply logon and find the solution. Enabling you to be able to help people with their bitting problems wherever you are."

"Peace of Mind" With Secure Payment Through PayPal

You don’t have to worry about giving your card details to an unknown or un-trustable server. You can be confident that the payment will be made safely, and your card details will be protected.

No stress. No worries.... Peace of Mind.

All with a 6-Month "No Questions Asked" 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Register Securely Today Through PayPal

Get Your Horse Happy, Comfortable & More Responsive

The Bitting Your Horse series contains everything you will need to educate and empower yourself, to bit your horse/s better.

You will quickly get your horses more comfortable and happy in the right bit...

Making them more responsive, and ensuring that you actually enjoy your riding and compete to the best of your ability!


"I love how these 'little things', that are so easily overlooked are explained so clearly in part one & two. Mind blown in under 5 minutes!!!"

Estelle Schmidt

"Thanks for your time & love the videos by the way, I have learnt so much! "

Robert Hoe
United Kingdom

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