Horse Training Basics: The ABCs You Need to Know

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The Horse Training Basics You Need to Know and Teach Your Horse

  • Featuring 2 excellent examples of correct bitting. Both horses that feature in this bonus were incorrectly bitted and needed changing!
  • Then - a set of 9 easy-to-understand (yet exceptionally comprehensive) training lessons on taking your horse from fighting the bit and your commands, to being appropriately responsive.
  • You'll also get to understand your objectives to training your horse.
  • And the lessons to teach it, step-by-step...
  • Learn the importance of, and the how-to of, teaching a horse to back up and flex to a light touch
  • And then - how to teach leg yielding to get your horse really "soft to the bit," come off your leg aids, and work from the backend
  • How to get your horse to strike off on both leads
  • The roll-back
  • Then to blending lessons - with lateral work, half circles, pirouettes and strike off
  • Plus the understanding of and example showing that every horse is different - and that you need to approach each horse individually
  • And SO much more!!!

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What People Are Saying:

“Your instruction is excellent. I have already put it to work with tremendous results. Almost as if my horse is saying "Oh, THAT's what you've been asking all this time. Sure. Here you go!"”

Michael Denby

“Another awesome series of videos Gav. So easy to understand & I'm learning so much, thanks!”

Robert Hoe

“Hi Gav. Very interesting and helpful - thank you! My discipline of choice is dressage, and I really like the way you've got these horses working form the hind quarters. This is something that I battle with all the time with nearly every horse I come across.”

Candice Cooper

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