Bitting Your Horse Series

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The definitive course on Bitting: Learn how to get your horse comfortable, happy and responsive, in the right bit!

Here's What You Get:

1) The Entire Course on Bitting Including...

  • The Full Bomber Nel Interview,
  • The basic fundamentals & philosophies of bitting,
  • The actions of bits & how these actions translate to your horse,
  • The physiology of a Horse's mouth and jaw...
  • And how the actions of the bits effect the horse because of this physiology,
  • In depth detail and discussion on Snaffles, Gags, Pehlams and more Bit Types.... Like the Kimberwick, Double Bridles, Tom Thumb, Swales and Hackamores, etc.
  • Bits and solutions for overcoming Specific Problems
  • And general, MUST KNOW info

2) Bonus 1: Practical Examples & Applications

  • Giving you detailed examples the effects that different bits have on horses,
  • Plus practical applications of the process to finding the right bit for a horse.

3) Bonus 2: Answers to Your Questions

  • A Q&A Section directly addressing specific questions you ask.

4) Bonus 3: Basic Training to Compliment Your Bitting

  • A set of 9 easy-to-understand basic training lessons on taking your horse from fighting the bit and your commands, to being appropriately responsive.


What People Are Saying:

“Excellent course Gav. I hope it will become the definitive Bitting word. Well done.”

Anthony Gross

“I love how these 'little things', that are so easily overlooked are explained so clearly in part 1 & 2. Mind blown in under 5 minutes!!! ... You know what I enjoy about this series, it helps me to understand how different bits will affect the horse, making me more confident to experiment with bits.”

Estelle Schmidt

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