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Learn how to bit your horse effectively, so that it is Comfortable, Happy & Responsive in the right bit...


"Another great lesson! The best thing I've learned was the information in Video #2 about evaluating my horse's mouth structure, and determining if he might be more comfortable in a straight mouthpiece vs. curved. Well done, and thank you :-), looking forward to more!"


"I cannot tell you how many times I have sent off your videos and information to friends and clients. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being a proponent for the horses!"


"Wonderful ...congratuations on the three videos...I had many horses over the years all with different reactions to bits...I have a bag of them could open a shop....would have been so useful to me if I had seen this video earlier in my life so explains what many trainers dont know..."


Tired of not knowing what Bit you should use?

We have the solutions.

Watch these 3 Free Lessons to learn:

Comfort & Response

The secrets to finding the right bit for your horse - to make it comfortable, happy and responsive to the bit.

Assessing Your Horse

How to assess your horse to better understand it's Bitting needs.

How Bits Work

The secrets of How Bits Work. If you know the actions of the bits, you will then be able to match the right bit to your horse.

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